Why join us?

We have

  • A well-established company
  • Great Leaders
  • Passionate employees

Imagine taking part in one of the great pharmaceutical companies here in the Philippines. I.E. Medica needs you more than you think– if you’re a student, a graduate just starting your career, or an experienced professional – whatever your field of expertise is, I.E. Medica could be your next opportunity. Take Part!

What’s your passion?

Business Development

Driven in generating sales leads, assessing business opportunities, and establishing leverage with respect-based relationships with clients.

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Regulatory Affairs

Experts in complying with the FDA regulations, providing strategic, tactical and operational direction and support to expedite the growth of the company.

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Obtaining profitable results by managing relationships with existing clients, and implementing business strategies.

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Contributing to and optimizing the sustainable international development of the company through purchasing of goods and services in overseas markets.

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Warehouse and Logistics

Maintaining accurate inventories and ensuring that the products are handled, packed, and transported with high standards of quality to clients.

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Maximizing profits through developing strategies that match customer requirements and establishing rapport through ethical promotion.

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Accounting and Finance

Responsible for financial reporting and analysis, financial planning and budgeting, tax compliance and planning, internal controls and insurance risk management.

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Human Resources and Admin

Provides overall policy direction and administrative support to increase employee performance to their highest level.

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Creating the necessary product artworks and promotional materials to maximize the potential of each brand.

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Corporate Communications

Empowering the company by overseeing communication strategy, media relations, reputation management, corporate responsibility, government affairs, and marketing communications.

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Information Technology

Providing technical support and oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network within the company, enabling every employee to carry out their roles efficiently.

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